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Friday, March 2, 2012

PO Box vs UPS Box

As a small business owner that does not have a brick and mortar store, I have pondered getting a PO Box so I don't have to use my home address for my business. The down side to getting a PO Box is that is does not look as professional (to some people) as having an actual street address. The UPS store has capitalized on this perception by offering business owners a physical street address to use. In addition, the UPS store offered several features that were not available through the post office. For instance, a notification when mail is received so you don't waste time driving to an empty mail box; they would also sign for packages from UPS and FedEx on your behalf.  Yesterday, after weighing the differences between getting a PO Box and a UPS box I decided to go with a PO Box because of the cost ($150 for a year, vice $52.00 for 13 months).  When I picked up my PO Box keys yesterday, to my surprise and delight, the USPS rep informed me about the new free services that the post office is now offering for PO boxes. They now sign for packages, notify you when you have mail AND allow you to use their physical address. WOW!  No longer will there be a need for companies to use the UPS store, a good old PO box will once again do the trick.